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Prints for a lampshade need to be wide to wrap all the way around. Prints for our standard size lamps are 10x43 inches and for our minimalist lamp 12x23 inches. You can provide 1, 2, or 4 images per lamp. For 1 image to work, it should have high resolution such as a panorama. For 2 or 4 we will combine them for you to fit the shade size you want. Amazon allows you to upload only 3 images per order. If you want 4 you can come back here and upload them after you place your order.

You can upload jpg files below, but we also accept most any image type including tif, psd, pdf, zip, raw, etc. You can send us these files by email, zip drive, ftp, dropbox, yousendit, or other service of your choice. Contact us for details.

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