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Options for your prints

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You will be presented some options when you place your order for a lamp. This page directs you to information to help you decide. Some of the options affect the price, some do not. Any of these options can be changed after you submit your order; please submit changes in writing (send email or a contact message) but feel free to discuss with us first on the phone.


Our lamps include a standard table lamp, a custom base for a table lamp, and a hanging lamp.

Print medium

Choose either Photo Silk or artist canvas. The former is better for back lighting, the latter will look best with the light both on and off.


You will upload your image file to be printed or choose one of our images to print.


You can choose from several standard sizes or order a custom size.

Crop image

If you do not want us to crop, then when you choose one dimension of your image, the other will be chosen for you to maintain the aspect ratio (ratio of width to height). If you want us to crop, then we will decide what looks best or you can add special instructions.

Protective coating

Your print needs a coating to protect against UV radiation that fades the print and to make it water resistant so you can clean the print. We do not charge extra for this standard option. You have the choice of gloss or matte, but they will look the same with the light on. The gloss coating brings out colors and deeper blacks with the light off.

Image color

In most cases we will not change the color of your image, but if you want we can enhance color or convert to black and white or sepia. If you are color managed, our print should look the same as the image does on your monitor and the same as test prints from your color-managed printer.

Special image editing

We can add fancy printed borders and combine several images into a collage. We can restore your old photo and we can copy and reproduce your artwork.


We ask for your approval of image previews or printed proofs before we print, even if we do not edit your image. We do not charge extra for this service unless you want overnight delivery of printed proofs. We normally ship proofs by 1-3 day Priority Mail.

Blind drop shipping

With this free option we will ship directly to your client with no mention of and the return address on the package will be yours.

Special requests

For each print in your order you can add special instructions about any of the above options or anything else that comes to mind.