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Frequently asked questions


How do I submit a rebate when purchasing on Amazon?

Before or after purchasing your lamp on Amazon, click the blue banner to fill out the rebate form using the same shipping address from your Amazon purchase. We will mail you a check or send funds by PayPal (your choice)

What if I can’t find the lamp I want on Amazon?

We can make a lamp in any base/image combination. Send us a custom form to get a quote.

Design quality

On what type of media do you print?

We use smooth photo synthetic fabric with an pure white inkjet receptive coating. It is translucent to allow the light to shine through. On request we can also use canvas that does not transmit as much light.

Where do your hardwoods come from?

Grown, harvested, dried, and finished all at our farm in Indiana!

Who makes the ceramic custom bases?

Janet Elmore is a professional ceramics artist at Artists' Own in Lafayette, IN. She has been creating vases, tableware, pots, and other handsomely designed ceramics for over 40 years. Submit our custom form to get one of her unique creations to complement your image.

How is the image supported on the frame?

We designed a proprietary spring technology that will stretch your image over our handcrafted hardwood frame. You can release the springs and change the shade if you want.

Custom products

How small or large can you make a shade?

The width of a side can be as small as 5.75 inches as is our minimalist lamp. The width can be as large as 17 inches. Although the height can be anything reasonable, we recommend keeping it under about 14 inches.

How can I send you my large digital image file?

For custom lamp images, upload here, upload on Amazon, email to us, or use a sharing service such as Dropbox. If you have a slow connection and very large files, you can let it upload overnight or write to CD or thumb drive and mail it.

Can you edit my image?

Yes, we will fix standard problems such as poor exposure, and red-eye. However, we can't restore detail in badly under- or overexposed parts of the image or make sharp a blurry subject.

How do I know if my image is good quality?

If you have a recent digital camera you probably have 3 megapixels or more which is sufficient for large prints as long as the image is sharp. Keep in mind that our standard size shade print is 10x44 inches, so a panorama will work best. Can't decide which image will make the best large print? Upload several and we will give you our recommendation! No obligation and no need to place an order first.

I can't decide which image to print.

Send us all of them and we will recommend which are the best ones. No obligation and no need to place an order first.

Affiliate influencers and wholesale

Can I make some extra cash if I convince friends to buy your lamps?

Yes! Collaborate with us and we’ll give you a code to share with friends on social media. When anyone uses the code to buy a lamp you will receive a commission. Help your friends decorate their home AND make money!

I’m a photographer or artist, can I sell your lamps with my images?

Yes we can ship directly to your customer with only your branding, and we can give you a discount. Read more on the bottom of your account page after you log in.


My print got dirty. How do I clean?

The coating on your print prevents most dirt from reaching the pigment ink layer beneath. First brush off with a clean brush or dry cotton rag, then moisten the rag with distilled water and gently wipe it off. Click for more details.

What is your guarantee?

We have a five year guarantee against fading and defects. Read our guarantee here.

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